Naroro means an "umbrella" which protects you from the rain or the sun. It is one of the oldest villages on Viti Levu, yet has only a small population of about 150 villagers. It is situated on the banks of the Sigatoka river and just four kilometers from the big town of Sigatoka. As you will see on the links from this village the historical ancient Tongan village of Tavuni Hill was a small bastion of Tongan identity for generations despite the best efforts of the local Fijian tribes in removing them.

Your hosts, Sirelii Kurivitu (left) is a prominent member of this small community and a direct descendant of the Tongan chief who ruled over Tavuni Hill before the British finally defeated them in the late 1800s. Sireli is the manager of the famous historical Tavuni Hill and your homestay is at the famous fort with sweeping views. 

Activities include: traditional horse riding, catching fresh water mussels, bush walks and traditional pig hunting

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