February 2004
Dear Scott,
I'm just writing to say that we had a fantastic time with Simon, Judith and family and will definitely recommend a Fiji Holidays homestay to all our friends. Enjoy your trip in March 2004!
Craig Leversha

Namatakula (the place of the snake) is the home of several well-known sporting legends. It boasts locality, locality and locality with both the Coral coast and the major road to Suva and Sigatoka just a short walk from your room.
(NOTE despite its name there are no snakes in Namatakula - or for that matter - on the island of Viti Levu.)

Your hosts, Iso Batibasaga and his wife Rosa, are prominent members of the local community. Iso being a direct descendant of the Rogoua Clan (pronounced "Rong-o-ua" meaning "they heard the waves"), his family being the first to arrive on the Coral Coast after travelling over the mountainous interior from the first settlement near Nadi. Iso took over the hosting of guests at their family home in Namatakula from his parents Simon and Judith in 2012. Iso grew up in the homestays environment helping his parents with the activities offered at the village, while his wife Rosa worked with Judith in the kitchen.

Many of our past guests will remember Iso spear fishing in the channels off the beach at Namatakula. His father, Simon, is today retired but still at the family home while Judith sadly passed away in May 2013.

The village, Namatakula, incorrectly spelt on all records, is a paradise. On their arrival at Nagwatakula (the correct traditional spelling pronounced Namwatakula) the Rogoua Clan saw a bright orange snake - thus the name "Nagwatakula". Snakes on Viti Levu have since been wiped out by the mongoose. Simon Batibasaga runs his own taxi service looking after visitors at the nearby Warwick Hotel while his wife's cooking is legend.

Our past guests at Namatakula have included Intrepid tours - recognising it as their best destination in Fiji.

Image right: an Intrepid group at Namatakula

Namatakula was featured in a special television presentation by "Getaway" on our village homestays project.

Activities include: line fishing, traditional spearfish hunting, shell collecting, cave, octopus catching, snorkelling, horse riding, the waterfall and pig hunting. These activities are only available to homestay guests.

Your hosts and guides

Iso and Rosa Batibasaga -
your hosts

Borro - activities manager

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