Matacawalevu (literally meaning big beach) is a beautiful village located in the northern part of the Yasawa Islands. Your host is Setoki Lubua, the son of Bula, seen below, who is the mother of the hosting family.

Matacawalevu is famous for its proximity to the famous Blue Lagoon and the beach that Brooke Shields walked in 1979 in that famous film of the same name.

The beachside village is very small with just 42 houses and about 200 villagers. Many of the villagers starred in the Blue Lagoon and a special "evening with the 'cannibals'" is put on for guests - you get to meet the many fascinating Fijians and hear their anecdotes of what happened during the making of the film during your holidays in Fiji

Activities include: island walks, fishing, romantic sunset picnics, kayaking and snorkeling.

Your hosts and guides

Setoki - your host

Bula - the mother

Tui - activities manager/guide

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