Malevu was, as you described it, a beautiful place. The snorkelling, octopus catching and beaches were amazing, it was the most beautiful place we've seen.

Judith Turner (September 2004)

Malevu (literally means "big tongue").

Your host at the village is Toye Momonikese (seen left). He is a member of the village's respected mataqali. Toye's family have several very nice houses in Malevu.

The beachside village is very small with just 40 houses and about 200 villagers. The village is situated in the middle of a beautiful white beach which extends for miles each way - perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The activities include a trek to a cave used by the US Army during world war two... .

Activities include: snorkelling, walks (including mountain trek), fishing, sunrise picnics and pig hunting.

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