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Common idiosyncrasies of Fijian words:
The letter "b" is prononounced "mb" Therefore, Bure is "mBure"
The letter "d" is prononounced "nd" Therefore, Nadi is "Nandi"
The letter "q" is prononounced "ng" Therefore, Beqa Island is "Benga Island"
The letter "c" is prononounced "th" Therefore, Caneili is "Thaneili"

General Fijian dialect (understood by all villagers at Fijian villages):

Seeing that the family is central to Fijian culture, here are some useful translations:

Relationship Fijian Kin term
Elder brother tuakaqu tagane
Younger brother taciqu tagane
Elder sister tuakaqu yalewa
Younger sister taciqu yalewa
Father tata
Mother nana
Mother's brother momo
Mother's elder sister nana levu
Mother's younger sister nana lailai
Father's elder brother tata levu
Father's younger brother tata lailai
Father's sister nei
Father's elder brother's wife nana levu
Father's younger brother's wife nana lailai
Mother's brother's wife nei
Father's sister's husband momo
Mother's elder sister's husband         tata levu
Mother's younger sister's husband tata lailai
Father's father bubu tagane
Father's mother bubu yalewa
Mother's father bubu tagane
Mother's mother bubu yalewa
Son luvequ tagane
Daughter luvequ yalewa
Brother's son vugoqu tagane
Brother's daughter vugoqu yalewa
Sister's son luvequ tagane
Sister's daughter luvequ yalewa
Son's son makubuqu tagane
Son's daughter makubuqu yalewa
Daughter's son makubuq tagane
Daughter's daughter makubuqu yalewa
Wife watiqu
Husband daulomani
Husband's brother noqu daku tagane
Husband's sister noqu daku yalewa
Wife's brother tavalequ tagane
Wife's sister tavalequ yalewa
Husband's brother's wife karua
Wife's sister's husband karua
Husband's sister's husband noqu veitabuki tagane
Wife's brother's wife noqu veitabuki yalewa
Husband's father nabugoqu tagane
Husband's mother nabugoqu yalewa
Wife's father nabugoqu tagane
Wife's mother nabugoqu yalewa
Husband's father's brother momo
Wife's father's brother momo
Husband's father's sister nei
Wife's father's sister nei
Husband's mother's brother momo
Wife's mother's brother momo
Husband's mother's sister nei
Wife's mother's sister nei